The Birmingham Rugby Club Foundation, consists of men, women, youth, and co-ed teams. the Birmingham vulcans were originally established in 1967. Tradition, comradery, and strength of character became the key focus of their mascot and branding redesign.

Vulcan, Roman god of fire and forge, becomes an iconic symbol for the city of Birmingham, as its history was heavily influenced by the spread of the Industrial Revolution in the late 19th Century.

Organizing information on a website in a way that is easy to navigate and provides the right amount of information with the click of a button is everything for which the Internet was created. However, it has been tried and tested that too many menu options or pages can be overwhelming for users.


Seeing how important it is for their organization to have access to the information they need, this home page would allow users to get more information with less clicks by reorganizing 27+ pages to a mere 8, without losing a letter of communication.

The mascot design concept relates to the masculine strength of Vulcan. Heavily weighted lines allow for scalability and identity from the stands. His strong brow, shadowed eyes, and head-on perspective translate in a literal sense for players as they prepare to take the field before a game.

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