Maglev trains are the world’s fastest, most efficient form of commuter travel. The locomotives glide over the rails, propelled by electro magnets causing them to be suspended in the air, much like a bird in flight.  

This proposal is a vision of the future, where the innovation of this invention makes its way to the Southern United States, making Seeing the South easier than ever. 

Byrd is a bright, bold brand inspired by the diversity of the native avian species to reflect the rich diversity of New Orleans, Birmingham, and Atlanta. Byrd seeks to celebrate individuality and encourages exploration!

Promotional travel posters to the first stations of the Byrd rail system. White  birds in flight create a line down the center of the composition as if heading south. 

When envisioning the uniforms that would be worn by Byrd employees, diversity and inclusion topped the list of priorities. Staff should be encouraged to express themselves through more than a singular polo at work; with more than thirty-five combination options, their only requirement is to wear the color of their team role. These bold colors are sure to stand out in the crowd and ensure customers can find exactly who they need. 

This ticket kiosk welcomes passengers to  pick up their boarding pass before making their way to the platform. The start screen background is a pattern created from deconstructing the components of the Byrd logo.

Eco-friendly packaging takes on a new look with these geometric patterns created by deconstructing and reimagining the Byrd logo and icon. These products can be easily recycled on board and at the station. 


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