The Lumbar of Birmingham, AL is a Science themed bar and restaurant packed with personality and wit. The space was designed with STEM lovers and students of all disciplines in mind, complete with study space, wall to wall chalk board, and cocktails served in beakers. 

It became my goal to take my experience at The Lumbar and allow it to inspire an “on brand” website that would exude all the unique genius they offer in person. 


First arrival to their website gives little insight to who The Lumbar is as a business. All the thoughtfulness that went into their concept is lost in the large white heading on top the background image. 

The clever concept of their logo is given almost no representation on any page except in the footer menu.


I observed their clear desire to promote their specialty cocktails and hours to their customers and wanted to prioritize this in the redesign. 


Typography and colors were chosen to relate to what customers might expect from their experience. 


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